Proprietor Fiona House initially trained with the Inland Revenue as a Tax Officer in the late 80's. Since then she has worked in a wide variety of business environments both customer facing and in back end office. She has accounts, credit control and book keeping experience.

Working in the catering industry in restaurants as well as for suppliers, working with builders and tradespeople and gathering knowledge for 30+ years means I am able to understand the costs associated with different business types without asking the client too many questions, this then means the time spent on accounts and book keeping is much reduced.

In 2009 she started The Big Hedge and since then has built up her business through recommendation.

Passionate about the community she also involves herself locally with a mixed variety of voluntary organisations and provides Web Services and training.

My first website was for my daughter's dance school, this continues to grow, along with my knowledge of new software and techniques. I am fortunate to be in a position to be able offer hosting and domains at fixed actual cost to local organisations, who would otherwise be subject to price increases when initial offers run out. I am also able to offer sole traders and small businesses a low cost website to start their online journey at a time when set up costs might otherwise be prohibitive.

Since leaving a local accountants in 2016 she continues to divide her time between business and voluntary work.

It is amazing how many people ignore reminders and penalties from HMRC. For a small outlay for my time they can remain compliant, prevent penalties arising and accumulating and remove the worry associated with increasing debt.

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